October 16, 2017 2 min read

Recently a customer reached out to TigerLight to share a true story about their experience with the D.A.D.® 2. Please read this true event about how lives were saved thanks to this ground breaking technology:

"We bought the new D.A.D. 2for my 17 year-old daughter traveling by herself to Italy to be an au pair in Rome for three months. None of us have ever owned or used anything like it before. Before she left, we (her parents) downloaded the app, and my daughter did as well. We made sure we had everything set up correctly and did a couple of test alerts to make sure it was working. It seemed to be! I just wasn't quite sure if it would work with her clear over in Italy.

The day she arrived in Italy she did a test on it and we did receive the alert. That was nice to know it was going to work clear across the world! Just one day under her being there for a month, she and another au pair from a different city were traveling together in Naples, a more "sketchy" town in Italy. It was dark and they were wise to stay on the more crowded and lit streets. My daughter was also wearing her D.A.D. for safety. They were making their way back to their Airbnb when a man came running full speed at them, grabbed the other girl around the neck as well as grabbing her phone. My daughter used the D.A.D. and sprayed him. He let go of the other girl and she and my daughter ran off to find safety with other people.

I got the alert that my daughter was in danger on my D.A.D. app. I immediately started trying to contact her, but I did not hear from her for about five minutes as both girls were trying to get to safety and figure out what had really happened.

In the meantime, I had the location of where she was at on my app. I called the family that she was working for in Rome and gave them that information so she could call the police. We were blessed to have no injuries and not even anything stolen. And I feel like it was all because of the D.A.D.! It was a HUGE comfort to me knowing that I had the time and place of where it occurred and I could notify the local authorities in Italy.

This app did exactly what it is supposed to do and proved itself invaluable in a situation like this. This app can save lives and will save lives if you use it."

- Jessica B.

Click to read the daughter's side of the story here.


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