March 19, 2021 2 min read

A college-aged girl was jogging down a popular paved running/walking path along a small river within the city limits in a nice “safe” area. She had run there many times, always passing other runners, walker, bikers and skaters.

She felt safe, simply due to the sheer number of people that frequent the route. She did not feel it necessary to carry a self defense device of any kind. 

She sees a jogger coming from the other direction. It’s a guy. She ignores him, keeping her gaze straight ahead. Just before he passes her he veers toward her running directly into her and knocking her violently off the trail and down the embankment toward the river.  

He follower her down and gets on top of her and punches her in the face many times, threatening to kill her if she screams. He then rapes her and leaves her, semi-conscious and severely injured. 

What if she would have had a gun? Would that have helped her? I don’t think so. In fact, in this particular case, it might have given her attacker an easy way to kill her if he noticed she had it. That’s not to say a gun would not help in many situations. I could certainly cite incidents in which a gun did help or could have helped.

However, due to the nature of this attack, only something that was already in her hand, ready to fire in a split second, would have made a difference. In fact, it is definitely possible that even with a self defense device already in her hand, she would not have had the opportunity to use it prior to physical contact.

The device would have to remain in hand and be usable after the initial contact. It would not only have to remain in hand, but already be in firing position with the safety off and it could not require fine motor skills. That is where the D.A.D.® 2 Defense Alert Device shines. 

Not only would she likely have been able to stop the attack before contact, but she would also have had a second chance after she got knocked down the embankment.

Additionally, the alert might have alerted multiple other people on the trail who also could have come quickly to her aid.

Why take a chance. This is such an incredible device. Make your life and that of those you love, safer. Go to and get a D.A.D.® 2 and use EASTER15 for a 15% discount. The first 20 get free shipping and you can also get a multi-unit discount for a short time.

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