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Worlds Best Running Safety Device 

All too often you hear of these horrendous stories on the news or on social media. A woman is running in a park, on a trail, or on the streets and a man attacks her. It's atrocious and has to stop. Women should be able to run without being worried they might lose their life or get violently attacked. There are many things that need to change in our society, culturally, and with men in general to stop these attacks. That does not mean however that women should not protect themselves. Because, unfortunately men are still attacking women.  It is a horrible fact and we are angry about it! We also want to help as many women as possible feel empowered to go out on a trail run or hike. TigerLight wants to do everything we can to try and help reduce attacks. We offer up self defense advice, classes, and have the best personal protection device on the planet. We want you and anyone you know to know why this device may stop an attack or save your life. Please also check out our 4 Running Safety Tips blog post after you read this article.

3 Reasons why the Defense Alert Device is the best Running Safety Device on the Planet

girl holding pepper spray device while sitting on rock in mountains with trees in background

Reason #1, Personal Safety Light with Hand Strap 

Have you ever gotten startled by one of your loved ones or a stranger? When we get caught off guard almost always we drop, or throw whatever we are holding in the air or throw it at the person that scared us. Studies have shown that people often drop the weapon they are holding. People get shaky, and cannot control their emotions when adrenaline spikes. We had this in mind when we built the TigerLight T100 and our newest Defense Alert Device. Each device comes with a rubber hand strap. This ensures that you do not drop the device. In addition to this you have the device in your hand and ready in case of an attack. This is the most important aspect of our self defense device. If you do not have the pepper spraydevice in your hand and ready. If you get attacked you will have your pepper spray ready to spray, if you get tackled or hit or bitten by an animal, you will not drop the device. When you deploy the device you will see the attacker whether animal or human suffer! 

girl in yellow shirt holding a defense alert device

Reason #2, Peace of Mind With Real Stopping Power 

A young girl went to live abroad in Italy. Her parents luckily had seen the Defense Alert Device before she left and they purchased her one before she travelled over seas. She did end up getting attacked and used the pepper spray on her attacker. Without any training she was able to completely incapacitate her attacker. Read the whole story here. The TigerLight technology used in our original lights had a 96% stopping rate when used by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. No other non lethal weapon has had any where near these results. The Defense Alert Device absolutely stops attackers and has saved countless lives. The peace of mind that holding this device will give you when you go out for a run is unmatched. If you want to check out the effects getting sprayed by one of our lights has, check out this blog post and video, where we spray a Krav Maga expert at close range. 

man getting sprayed with pepper spray

Reason #3, Stay Safe with Personal GPS Tracking Device 

What is the first rule of hiking or running on a mountain trail? Tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back. Living in Utah we see almost weekly a hiker go missing on one of our 1000's of amazing trails. Often people fall and are injured or possibly killed. You should always let your loved ones know where you are going and when to expect you back. However with the Defense Alert Device, we go one step further with GPS tracking. If you use your device and have to shoot the pepper spray, an alert gets sent out immediately to all of your contacts, anyone with the Defense Alert Device app, with the exact coordinates of your GPS location, letting them know that you are in danger and need help. This ensures that you instantly let everyone you care about that you are in distress and need help, with the exact coordinates of where you are. In the Italy attack mentioned earlier, the GPS tracking device was activated when she sprayed her pepper spray. Her parents that lived in Utah 5804 miles away from Italy had an alert instantly letting them know she was in danger and where she was. They were able to contact the host family she was staying with to call the local police to the scene. All of these accounts are real and could help save your life. If you are thinking about getting a Defense Alert Device, act now and protect yourself and your loved ones. If you know someone that may benefit from having this device, please share this article or our website with them. 

pepper spray device along with phone and gps device

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