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4 Tips For Running Safety

Running is joyous! Unfortunately all too often women get attacked while running in the park, on a local river or mountain trail. This is not okay! We at TigerLight want to give you some advice on how to stay safe while you are out for your jog. A Top Self Defense Expert, Steve Kardian wrote an excellent article back in 2017. Steve Kardian has spent more than thirty years as a career law enforcement officer. He is a certified New York State/FBI defensive tactics instructor and an expert on the criminal mind. Kardian is the author of The New Superpower for Women and co-founder of Defend University, where he trains thousands of people each year on safety and self-defense, as well as strategies and tactics uniquely tailored to women’s safety. So we highly advise you to read his article before proceeding as it is truly expert advice. TigerLight has been in the personal safety business for over 20 years and we want to piggy back off of Steve's article along with adding some of our own tips and tricks. Keep reading to find 4 running safety tips. 

Running Safety Tip 1: Use a Running Safety Device

Tip: Always bring your Defense Alert Device with you 

Obviously, we have created an entire company and device for one purpose, personal safety. Our newest rendition on this core concept is the Defense Alert Device (D.A.D.). This device can save your life. It has already saved lives and is the best option to keeping your self safe while out for your runs. The reason why we recommend this specifically as a running safety device, is its incredible stopping power. The original TigerLight has a 96% stop rate. We modified the same original technology and added more to it. There is now advanced Bluetooth/GPS tracking technology installed into the D.A.D. and D.A.D. app that can let your friends and family know that you are in danger. This works whenever you deploy the built in pepper spray and can also be sent without deploying the spray. The alert is sent out to all of your desired contacts letting them know your precise GPS coordinates with the message that "Your Name, is in danger!” as well as anyone within a one mile radius who has the app and Crowd Alert™ selected. The proprietary app technology enables greater coverage and location accuracy than other alert devices. This, coupled with the highest powered, military grade pepper spraymakes this the ultimate running safety device. If all of this was not enough, we also have built in a high-intensity, stretchable, soft, comfortable rubber hand strap. This ensures you can run, hike, jog and even mountain bike with the device in your hand, in firing position (forced indexing), at all times. Most of the time when someone gets attacked and they have a weapon, they usually end up dropping the device. The strap ensures that you have the device in your hand even if you are tackled to the ground, being attacked by an animal or anything else. 

Pepper Spray Device Woman Hiking and Running with Defense Alert Device Defense Alert Device Hand Strap

Running Safety Tip 2: Use All of Your Senses 

Keep your music volume very low, and only keep one headphone in at once.

We are piggy backing on Steve Kardian's article here. But there is a reason. This recommendation cannot be echoed enough. There is plenty of time to damage your hearing outside of running. When you are working out in the gym, crank your headphones as loud as you would like. However when you are out running, keep your volume low. You need to be able to hear any incoming threat and be ready. We recommend only wearing one headphone while you are running if you decide you are going to listen to music. Also keeping the volume very low. That way if there is any potential threat, you will be able to hear the attack and be ready with your D.A.D. In addition make sure to use all of your senses. Pay attention to your surroundings and look, listen, and feel your way through your run. 

Running Saftey Tip 2, 1 headphone

Running Safety Tip 3: Share Your Location 

Let your loved ones know your route 

In Steve Kardians article he mentions to know your route. This is sound advice. Know where you are going and avoid dangerous areas. Tell your friends and family exactly where you are going to run and when they should expect you back. Scout out the route and be aware of potential safety threats. Also most importantly make sure you have you D.A.D with you at all times. If you emit the pepper spray an alert will be sent out in a mile radius letting anyone with the Defense Alert Device app on their phone know exactly where you are and that you are in danger. In addition to that it will send an alert out to all of your contacts letting them know exactly on their smart phone where you are. We had one of our young, female customers take her D.A.D with her to Italy. She and her friend were attacked and she sprayed the attacker with her Defense Alert Device. He was screaming in pain and her mother that lived in Utah received an alert, in real time, with  her daughter's exact coordinates. Read the rest of the story here. Another fantastic way to let your loved ones know exactly where you are during your running is a Life 360 app. This application goes further than Google or Apple maps and you are able to see very precise coordinates, continually, even down to the room that someone is in, within a building or house. 

Running Safety Tip 4: Run During the Day

If possible run during the day, run in well populated areas 

We know this is going to be hard for everyone to do. However, it is possible. You should run during daylight hours. Make sure to run in well populated areas where other people can see or hear you if you are in danger, even though there are attacks that happen all the time in broad daylight. It is much easier to spot a suspicious person and see them coming. TigerLight is located in Utah. We know how much fun it is to get out on a quiet mountain trail and get an amazing run in. We understand finding your center by running along the trail rather than in the city on a street or in the park. However, we suggest if you are going to run in a secluded area, bring a running buddy or your four-legged friend with you, as well as your D.A.D., always!

Most of All, Stay Vigilant

Stay alert, be vigilant, and do not let down your guard 

We at TigerLight wish we did not ever have to create this product or this running safety tip guide. We are frustrated by the plight of how many women get attacked while out for a run or walk. However we need to do everything we can to stop attackers in their tracks. If you have any tips for staying safe while running, hiking or walking, please comment below. Also please do yourself a favor and buy this running safety device today. 


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