Does every violent situation require a lethal solution?

The simple and obvious answer, of course, is a resounding no. Your typical tough guy in ‘Merica will probably reply on this page or one of our social media posts, saying something like, “get a .45, problem solved.” Are there situations when lethal force is required? There are certainly some situations but we would argue they are extremely low and could be avoided with some careful consideration and training. During the global pandemic the United States and the world are facing a mental health crisis. We know now more than ever, people are struggling financially, physically, and emotionally,  domestic violence is rampant, people are on edge. Anyone facing another individual that is a potential threat, should have the tools and skills to protect themselves but also have options that are non lethal while still using an extreme amount of stopping power. 


Lethal Vs Non Lethal Weapons 

First let’s define the difference between lethal and non lethal weapons. Most anything can be used as a weapon. Any non lethal weapon can be used as a lethal weapon. However if used properly non lethal options should always be the go to. As long as they are able to stop someone. The technology used in our lights had 96% stopping rate when tested with the Los Angeles Sheriffs department. Mostly when we think of lethal weapons we think of things that our police use, guns, grenades, tanks, bombs, etc. Non lethal weapons are something that is going to subdue your attacker but not end their life. There are all kinds of crazy non lethal weapons out there. Stun guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets, tasers, tear gas, bean bags, bats, batons, brass knuckles, and the list goes on and on. We are incredibly bias when it comes to defense weapons when it comes to dangerous situations, we recommend using the Defense Alert Device we built here at TigerLight. Below we will outline every type of lethal and non lethal weapon. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Hopfefully this will allow you to determine the best protection for you! 



someone holding a gun showing just their arms and hands

 Lethal Weapon Vs Non Lethal Weapons 


three different types of guns

Firearms have a place in our society. Some people use them for hunting to feed their families, some people use them as a way to protect livestock on farms. For long range distances firearms can be an effective self defense tool. However the biggest downside when it comes to guns is availability. No one in their right mind goes jogging with their rifle in their hands nor a pistol for that matter. Most times when an attack happens you do not have your weapon ready. That is how the TigerLight was made. A police officer in Washington wanted to have a non lethal option in his hand when he went to approach stops. He always had to choose between his light and having his hand on his gun. When he combined the light with pepper spray he could hold his light on someone but in an split second he could blast them with pepper spray all the while still having his hand on his gun if he needed to draw it. 



hand holding a taser

Tasers can have an impact on someone but not everyone. People can be trained to resist the electric shock and some people are just able to take the shock and keep attacking. Another problem that comes up is that some people do end up dying after being tased. It is electricity going through your body. So this is technically used as a non lethal option, some people still end up succumbing to the shock. 


Pepper Spray 


 Not all pepper sprays are the same. The cheap options that you can purchase at Walmart or Target are surely not going to do much when it comes to an attack situation. They may even hinder you. When it comes to pepper spray. You need to choose something that is extremely potent and powerful. TigerLight only uses military grade Sabre Red pepper spray. However this is just one part of the picture. The Defense Alert Device also has Crowd Alert, GPS Location Tracking, A flashlight, an app that tracks and sends alerts to your contacts when you deploy the spray, a tested hand strap for violent attacks, a high intensity flashlight, and the readiness and stealthiness in your hand when you need it.

Mental Health and Lethal Force Vs Non Lethal Force 

We will not speak to the horrific deaths that have happened to people in mental health crisis out of respect for families that have lost loved ones. However the subject at hand is extremely important. If someone is in crisis and their mental health is failing them, they are at a vulnerable place in their life and should be treated with diligence and respect. Of course any one dealing with these people on a professional or personal level should be able to stay safe while trying to help the person that is struggling. In most cases even if the individual is being violent, a trained mental health professional would have better options than using lethal force on the individual. Let's say someone is a danger to others but they also were having a psychotic break, does that mean that individual deserves to die? If someone that approached that person were able to use something like the TigerLight or D.A.D. the individual would surely be subdued but also still alive. This is the point we are trying to drive home. It is a delicate subject but having a non lethal option first should always be chosen over lethal force. 


A Serious Question? 

If you were faced with a dangerous situation, and you had a choice between a gun and pepper spray, what would you choose?