1. New, more advanced Bluetooth chip eliminates unintentional alerts from dropping or from other iBeacon Devices.

2. New D.A.D. app has many new features including advanced programing to greatly enhance alert location accuracy.

1. The newly programmed Bluetooth module has two important new features.  It has a “unique Identifier.”  The makes it so no other iBeacon device can activate the D.A.D. alert, causing unintentional alerts.  This was a rare occurrence, but did occur.  The next big change is a 100 millisecond delay programmed into the chip.  Thanks to this change, drops and bumps no longer set off the alert, thereby eliminating nearly all unintentional alerts.

2. The D.A.D. app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Many upgrades have been made to the D.A.D. app, including the “test mode” which enables the user to test the app and the device without sending off an alert. It is also no longer necessary to put yourself in your app contacts. You automatically receive your our alerts.  The biggest app upgrade is in location accuracy.  Apple and Google location services can be inaccurate and it can take time for that blue got on the map to pinpoint your location.  With the new app, the alert will not send unless the senders location is accurate within 20 meters.  If it is, it will send immediately. If not, it will attempt to pinpoint your location for another 8 seconds. If it is within 20 meters, it will send. If not, it will continue searching for up to 2 minutes. If, after 2 minutes, is has not been able to get within 20 meters, it will send and give an estimated distance within which the sender is.  This is most important in locations where connections are not ideal. We have optimized the technologies capability. We are very excited about these enhancements.