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On this page you will find the last self defense tool that you will ever have to purchase. The defense alert device has been featured in over 20 newscasts and T.V. shows and is trusted as the #1 personal safety device by top self defense experts. 

Self Defense Tools

Purchasing this device will be the best personal safety decision you will ever make. We can go on and on about how amazing our product is but we do not want you take our word for it, rely on top self defense experts in the field. Back in May 2018, TigerLight's Defense Alert Device was featured on the Dr. Oz show! Click below to see the episode:

Defense Alert Device on Fox 13 in Utah 

Back in June in 2018 two girls who were living in Italy were attacked on their way back to their apartment. They used their Defense Alert Device and were able to stop their attacker in his tracks. Click on the link below to view their story.

 Good 4 Utah | Self Defense Tool Used for School Safety 

In this news feature, the TigerLight D.A.D was feature on Good 4 Utah news. In the article local Utah school districts look into using the D.A.D. as a way to protect students in case of an attack.

Gadget Review | July 2018 | Conner Flynn

Back in July of 2018 we had Conner Flynn, a very well known blogger, from Gadget Review do a review on the D.A.D. In the article he goes over the many benefits of the defense alert device. The most impactful statement he makes on his article is the peace of mine this self defense tool really brings to your life. you can read the article here:

 Daily Herald | June 2018 | Ashley Stilson 

Self defense tools include, having the skills, and the knowledge of what to do if attacked, but also training for those situations. Having the Defense Alert Device in hand, and being trained on how to use it combines training, knowledge, and having the right tool in hand to be most prepared of an attack. We offer self defense classes and the Daily Herald covered this amazing class we ran back in 2018. It was very successful and we hope do another class soon. Read the article here:

Good 4 Utah | July 2018 | Jen Jacobson

The main ethos of TigerLight as a company is to be able to stop attackers and keep people safe. We want to stop rape in its tracks and protect women worldwide. In this story by Good 4 Utah, they cover a story of two girls who were attacked in Italy and used their Defense Alert Device to escape a potential sex trafficking ring. Read the story here and make sure to get your self one of these amazing tools today! 

  • Fox 13 News | April 2018 | Jeff McAdam

On this feature for the Defense Alert Device, Gloria Marcott, a nationally recognized self defense trainer  teaches seniors how to react to an active shooter situation. Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City featured the training and the importance of being ready and staying safe in the worse possible scenario. If you have a friend, family member, or someone you look after that could benefit from this remarkable self defense tool, please share this story on Fox and have them get a Defense Alert Device. ASAP! 

  • Good4Utah | April 2018 | Rosie Nguyen            

In this article, TigerLight is featured for the same training showcased in the above article. Both articles showcase the sheer importance of personal safety and especially among our senior population. Check out the article below written by Rosie Nguyen: 


  • | April 2018 

This feature was done by They do an excellent job showcasing the true stopping power of the D.A.D. There is no other self defense device like this on the planet. Read the article below and you will see all the many features and reasons why law enforcement has been using the TigerLight self defense toolfor over 20 years! 

Outside How | Camping Gear 

Having the right tools is essential! Especially when you head into the great outdoors. Check out how the D.A.D. can help you when you head out for your next camping trip! 








Having the right self defense tool in your hand is vital. In addition to having your Defense Alert Device on hand we encourage everyone to make sure you are staying safe in all aspects of your life. Check out our blog on running safety tips, and also check out this amazing guide for home security