March 12, 2021 4 min read

The alert technology in the D.A.D.® 2 has been greatly enhanced when compared to that in the original D.A.D.®. Nevertheless, it was so admired because of the combination light, advanced alert and advance non-lethal stopping power.

It’s non-lethal stopping power had proven to be more effective than any other self defense technology in existence. It showed in a major study to not only be much easier to use than other devices, but to have a non-lethal stop rate of over 96%. For those who do not know about such things, let me assure you, that is a mind-boggling accomplishment. See LASD STUDY.

So, why is the GPS/Bluetooth Crowd Alert technology so special?

First, there is the role it is playing, that of saving lives or stoping violent attackers. In addition, it is more likely that the attacker will be apprehended, even if the attack was thwarted.

However, there are several other things that make it and the device special. The device serves as a flashlight, with multiple ways to stop an attacked. It is extremely easy to carry on your hand, fingers free and if “force-indexed” into a position where you can operate the light, alert and spray, all with the thumb, You can even activated each independently, barely moving the thumb, or the spray and alert simultaneously, all without the use of fine motor skills, which is critical because they essentially disappear under extreme stress.

The alert technology itself is very advanced, much more so than the tech used in other  consumer safety alert devices. Not only is the alert on the phone activated by the device, it is broadcast through three channels including text, email and the app itself. It also has a proprietary means of increasing the accuracy and helping prevent false alerts if the button is accidentally bumped or the device is dropped or used as a striking device.

Additionally, the app is able to determine how accurate the location being triangulated is. If it is not accurate within 20 meters, it will continue to zero in on the location in 8 second intervals until it is accurate to within 20 meters and then will send the alert. If it cannot achieve accuracy within 30 seconds, it will send the alert, but will display an an “accurate within” distance so people know the radius within which the sender is likely to be found.  The majority of the time, the alert will pinpoint the sender within a few feet. In fact, when we implemented this new advanced feature, we found that places with such poor reception that an alert could not be sent nor a phone call made, was able to send an accurate alert after 16-24 seconds.

The alert is broadcast anywhere in the world to those in the app contacts, as other alerts are. However, one of many differentiators found in the D.A.D.® 2 and the D.A.D.´2 app is that it is also broadcast to anyone with the app who is within a one mile radius of the person sending the alert, no matter where they are and whether they are in the sender’s alert contacts, or not. 

For example, if the sender were on a university campus where an average of one rape per day is occurring and she were attacked, at any time, there would likely be hundreds, even thousands of people within that one mile radius. In fact, there might be 500 people within 50 feet to 500 feet of the person being attacked. 

If these people immediately converged on the location of the attack, as many would do if they heard a girl screaming for help, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that it would become very difficult for the attacker to complete the attack. Can you imagine how great of a deterrent that would become once the first attack or two were stopped and the attacker was surrounded by 100 people while the police got there. It could make campus crimes so difficult to commit that offenders would likely not even attempt it. Imagine the impact of preventing that rape that is occurring every day. 

That same impact, with widespread use of this technology, could happen everywhere. 

Of course, there will be those who read this and say, “What if the attacker has a gun or a knife and he hurts or kills the people coming to help?”  

Here is my response, keeping in mind that the response could focus on different possible scenarios. 

Just imagine you are walking across campus and you heard a girl screaming “Help! Help!” What would you do?  I imagine that if you were with or near several other people, you might have the courage to immediately run to help. If there are 50 of you, that courage might be even greater. If you are by yourself and you do not see anyone else coming, you would have to make a decision and there would certainly be risk associated with it.

Would’t it be great if it got to a point where everyone knew that if that alert went out, there would be many people responding, very quickly. Again, once that happened a time or two, it would become such a significant deterrent that the occasions in which we would have to even make that decision, would dramatically decline. That is exactly the type of situation the D.A.D.® 2 has the potential to create.

Be a part of revolutionizing self defense and personal protection through non-lethal means.

We support the right to carry a firearm and realize that there are situations, about 1 out of 101, that definitely merit lethal force. There are situation in which a gun is certainly the best option, but for the greatest impact in the most situation involving person on person attacks, the TigerLight, D.A.D.® 2 has the potential to have, by far, the greatest impact of any current technology, whether you carry or not, you should have a D.A.D.® 2 for personal safety and the best protection for your family.

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