October 19, 2017 2 min read

Recently a customer reached out to TigerLight to share a true story about their experience with the worlds best personal protection device D.A.D.® 2. Please read this true event about how lives were saved thanks to this ground breaking technology:

"My name is Kortney Blatter, I'm 17 years old

I am currently living in Italy. Before I left my home in Utah, USA, my parents felt like I should have some sort of self defense device so I bought a D.A.D. To be honest, I didn’t really think I would need it, but I was wrong.

A couple weeks ago, my friend and I were walking through Naples at night to get to our hotel, and we were attacked by a man on the streets. He came running towards us at full speed and grabbed my friend around the neck. Luckily I had decided to wear my D.A.D. that night so I already had it in my hand. I swung at the guy and sprayed him directly in the face, which caused him to let go of my friend so we could run away. Because of the bluetooth technology, my mom, who was nearly 6,000 miles away, was immediately notified of my location and knew that I was in danger, and within minutes I had 26 missed calls from other people who had also been notified.

My friend and I both got away unharmed, (besides a little excess pepper spray in our eyes from when I sprayed it), and none of our stuff was stolen. I’m confident that there would have been much more damage than my friends' cracked phone screen, if I didn’t have my D.A.D. with me. I’m SO grateful for this incredible technology! It has given me peace of mind and more confidence going into scary situations. EVERYONE should have a D.A.D.!"

Click to read mom's side of the story here: tigerlight.net/blogs/news/true-events-of-d-a-d-2


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