October 31, 2017 1 min read

What I didn't know was how long I had and if this was going to be one of the times my heart would stop. 

My two daughters were with me, both under five, in the bike trailer behind me. It can't happen when I'm with them! It can't, were the words that screamed out in my mind in the milliseconds that passed. 

I squeezed my right hand, pressing down on the alert button on my D.A.D. We were alone on a back road in the farming district of Heber, UT. I knew a car may not pass for hours.

As my bike started to tip and my body went toward the ground, I prayed someone would get to the girls soon if I became unconscious. Soon after, my parents called, having received the alert. They came to my aid, and fortunately we were all okay. 

Lying in the gravel alongside the road, I was able to get my feet up and fight it for a while. Thanks to the call from my dad, my mind was put at ease knowing someone was on their way to help.

Without the D.A.D. I fear something far worse could have happened, because I knew in that moment I wouldn't have had time to call someone and I could not see clearly to do so. Everything had gone dark and I could barely talk when my dad called.

I am very grateful I had my D.A.D. with me and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone.

Ashley S.


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