November 29, 2017 3 min read

“Her trembling, harnessed body hangs in mid-air, reminding me of a tree I saw the first time I was allowed outside. It was a strong, massive organism, holding onto a fragile, tiny life… a leaf. She’s the leaf. 

My chest tightens as I watch Lena Lea’s small figure lower into the clear box. Her face is painted. Her clothing resembles Mecan attire. I hardly recognize her. What is she doing here? Where has she been all this time? 

From the front of the large room, the weapons specialist pushes a big dark button on the remote he holds, lowering her through the hole in the top of the clear case. 

The air around me seems to evaporate. I can’t breathe. 

Her feet fall toward the gritty, dark pavement, visible through the case walls. She tucks them up, fighting against gravity’s pull. Her descent continues, inching her closer to the ground. Her feet touch. A vibration shakes the clear case. Then she’s gone. The box abruptly turns opaque with a color I rarely see. 


The image of a rainbow, I once saw in a training room as a child, pops into my head. Johanna, Ashley. Joha: A World Apart (pp. 1-2). Kindle Edition. 

The above is an excerpt from my daughter’s book. In this excerpt from the book’s opening chapter a people from another world, stripped of human emotion, take the life of an innocent young woman in the most brutal, heartless manner in order to exhibit their power and control while putting fear in the hearts of those who they force to observe.

This is no different than the rapists, pimps or the sex-traffickers who came to a nice hotel and abducted a 14-year-old girl from her parents while they were separated for a moment. Without emotion, they took her and forced her into becoming a slave, only her fate was far worse than that of most slaves.

There are and unfortunately, will always be, people like that who are technically human, but are worse than the most vile and violent of vicious, animal predators.

When dealing with predators, there are two choices, 1) Avoid them, which is not always possible or 2) Find a way to overpower them and free yourself from their control. 

If you cannot do it with your bare hands, feet, head and knees, you must have a “force multiplier” in hand, ready for split second deployment in sudden, violent, unexpected attacks, during which your heart rate will escalate, adrenaline will pump through your veins into your muscles. Your brain’s chemistry with abruptly change, disrupting your fine motor skills, your vision, your hearing and very likely, your balance, causing an almost out-of-body experience like that of Kaylee, the 19-year-old young woman attacked on the street while site seeing with her 17-year-old friend, Kortney, who saved Kaylee with her D.A.D.® 2. 

Your device’s design, functionality and capabilities must eliminate the need for fine motor skills, manual dexterity and indecisiveness resulting from fear, confusion, pain, injury and lack of information and forethought.

Your response must simulate your body and mind’s natural psychological and physiological response to an act of aggression. This is critical. If not, you will need to train in a variety of responses at least 1,200 to 1,500 times each to override your bodies natural response. The makers of the device that can overcome this important fact must have extensive understanding of attack dynamics and the device MUST have proven itself in the field of battle under such conditions as those described above.

The device must not appear to be a weapon because, with very few exceptions, people will not carry a recognizable weapon in hand while in public.

This is the first of five reasons the D.A.D.® is light-years ahead of every other non-lethal personal protection device on the planet. It is 10,000 times more likely to be in hand and useable during a sudden, violent physical attack. The D.A.D.® 2’s beautiful, high-tech, comfortable, light weight, super-tough polycarbonate housing with a proprietary, metalized finish, non-weapon appearance and dual use as a 5 mode LED flashlight with strobe, SOS and more, make it the perfect cover for the most effective non-lethal, personal protection technology in the world, a technology and functionality that has demonstrated a 96% plus effectiveness over the last 15 years in previous TigerLights and was voted by Bluetooth to be one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products in the world.  

The first of five critical “differentiators,” that of being in your hand, sets it way ahead of every other device, if everything else were equal, but everything else is not equal. The D.A.D.® 2 has other, hugely significant advantages explained in the five reasons here

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