Rechargeable Battery Pack

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The Super Premium NiMH rechargeable battery pack provides a higher capacity, higher power and highest quality pack for those who need the best possible performance from their TigerLight® Series I, II or III TigerLight®. The 7.2 volt 2100 mAh Super Premium pack holds a higher voltage under load and delivers more power to the lamp module for an even brighter and whiter light, all while providing the same runtime as the standard battery pack. Get the best of both worlds with the no-memory Super Premium TigerLight® battery pack. The TigerLight® Super Premium Rechargeable battery pack does not develop memory. Feel free to charge it for a short time or long time. It will not damage the battery. Also, you do not need to run it down before charging it up. In fact, you want to avoid running it all the way down as overdischarging is the one thing that can eventually damage NiMH battery pack. When you are not using it, you can leave it in your System 3 Smart/Fast Charger at all times.

Part Number: 133002