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About the size of an Apple Watch with many fastening options, the M.O.M.™ is a secret, hidden, wearable Bluetooth/GPS safety alert device, activated by user and capable of alerting designated, but easily changeable individuals or groups via app, text and email, as well as all others via Crowd Alert™ who are within a one mile radius and have the app, if user selects Crowd Alert™. The M.O.M.™ broadcasts the call for help with sender’s identity and GPS location, through the app. The alert is accompanied by a loud, distinct siren sound to deter attacker and alert friends and others at a noisy party or in any other situation. The Bluetooth/GPS functionality can also notify parents if a child gets separated from them. This is known as geo-fencing. The app will also show you how many people there are within 100 meters, 500 meters or 1500 meters who would receive your Crowd Alert™ if sent from that location, in that moment.