D.A.D.® Quick Release Holder


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PRE-ORDER AND SAVE $10.00 off the retail price of $14.99! You pay only $5.99 plus S&H! This is a fully functional prototype of the new D.A.D.® Quick Release Holder/Holster. It is a Multi-Positional/Multi-Locational Quick Release Holster (Holder) and is not meant to replace having the D.A.D. in hand. It is to be used when the situation or circumstances are such that you would not have it in hand, but in a purse or pocket.

Many of you have requested this and if the response is good during the next 3 weeks ending February 15, we will begin production and deliver in 60-90 days.

This new D.A.D.® Quick Release Holder can attach to a belt, your waistband, the top of a purse or a backpack. It enables you to simply slip your hand into the strap and pull out.  It can be retrieved by removing it from the clamp, or by removing the clamp and D.A.D.® from the holder. It can be positioned anywhere up or down the body of the D.A.D.® and rotates easily to a position for sitting down if it is on your belt or waistband.

PRE-ORDER NOW AND SAVE $10 with discount code HOLSTER.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your D.A.D. return it free of charge within 30 days for a full refund. Conditions Apply.

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