June 15, 2023 3 min read

You are asking for a legal opinion that is likely impossible to answer simply because every jurisdiction may and likely will have different laws concerning such matters. London is different from the US, so the advice below assumes you live in the US and not London.

In general, if you are being attacked and truly feel you are in danger of being seriously hurt or killed, you should do everything you can to stop that from happening, but only take it to the point you know you are safe. Going beyond that to “punish” or “reap justice” upon your attacker, could land you in prison. Now, there will likely be a LOT of widely differing opinions on what should be done to someone trying to harm a member of your family. I have a wife, seven daughters, two sons and lots of grandchildren. I totally get those emotions and if someone was trying to rape or harm one of mine, my feelings are that it would be better that a milestone be hanged around his neck and he be dropped into the sea. However, putting myself in prison would be similar to putting the milestone around my own neck and jumping into the sea, potentially leaving my family without me for a long time.

Therefore, here is a little common sense for all to consider. If you seriously injure your attacker, he may sue you and a judge and/or a jury will decide if you should be punished for what you did. If you kill the offender so he cannot sue you, his wife, parents, children or others may sue you.

Let’s look at it from a practical standpoint. If you can incapacitate your assailant without inflicting any wounds whatsoever, he or she is going to have an incredibly difficult time convincing anyone that you used excessive force. Think of something like a Phaser from Star Trek. Well, maybe not since there is no real Phaser.

Let’s think of something that is real and available, but works nearly as well as our imaginary Phaser from the Star Trek movies and tv series. However, even the Phaser has its weaknesses do to human operation.

Now, I am somewhat unapologetically going to promote our product, the TigerLight D.A.D.® 2 as the alternative for the Phaser. But why a TigerLight? It’s simple. TigerLights have proven in major studies to be able to incapacitate attackers far more effectively than any other non-lethal device and has never resulted in injury or death. It’s also easier to use than anything else and more likely to be in your hand when attacked and remain in hand and usable during a sudden, unexpected physical attack. It also does not require the use of fine motor skills, which is critical in these situations and is unique to the D.A.D.® 2. The D.A.D. was also voted to be one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products in the world by Bluetooth SIG. So, you should go toPepper Spray | Personal Defense Weapons | Tiger Lights and get one as soon as you can. Get one for your mom, too. :)

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