May 17, 2023 3 min read

1. You have never been attacked yet. That means that if you have a 73%+ chance of getting attacked and you haven’t yet, your chance of that day coming are greater. It’s like a speeding ticket. If you take a chance and speed quite often, the longer you do it, the more comfortable you become with the belief that you will not get stopped and ticketed, but the reality is that your chance of getting a ticket is going up dramatically and you will certainly get stopped one day when you do not expect it. That is why you need a self defense device. Your time is likely coming.

2. You live in a “safe” area. There is nothing better for a predator than to find a person who thinks he or she is safe. It’s like a school with signs saying “no guns allowed” or the woman who was simply walking to her car on a sunny summer afternoon, right out in the open with 100 people within site. She was attacked and raped on the asphalt between two cars in the open air parking lot. Or, perhaps the two young girls in different cities, who, within two weeks of each other, were raped by strangers inside a very popular movie theater chain, one of them by a man who was their with his family. Or, maybe the girl standing in broad daylight at a bus stop on a high traffic road.

3. Because you don’t go hiking, biking, camping, running or walking. While these common activities might increase your exposure to attacks and add the element of four-legged attackers to the overall risk, there are hundreds of other situations and locations that pose even higher risks, especially to those who are oblivious to the risks and are not situationally aware and prepared. Remember, the longer it has been, the greater the odds that your time is coming.

4. Because you never park in covered parking lots. I’m sure that is what the lady who was raped in downtown Salt Lake in an open air parking lot on 4th South and Main Street thought. A “normal” person would never have thought that he would get away with raping someone in such an openly visible place, but these people are not normal. They are predators and they often plan these attacks out well in advance.  

5. Because you never have to walk to your car at night. Perhaps you do not have to be in that particular high risk situation, but if that is what is keeping you from recognizing the 100 other moments of your life that you are exposed to danger and will likely be attacked at some point, then it would be better that you do walk to your car at night so you are cognizant of the potential dangers and learn to have an effective non-lethal defense device in your hand in all situations wherein you might be exposed to attack.

6. Because you are always with someone else. It’s likely that you are usually with someone else, but just like the girl in downtown Naples was walking with a friend who the attacker ignored and attacked her anyway, having someone else as equally unprepared as you is not a big advantage and does not insure your safety. Animals are even more likely to attack someone in a group than humans are. There are many examples of animal’s deadly attacks on people who were just a few feet away from other people. Luckily for the girl mentioned above, her friend had a self defense device. A TigerLight D.A.D.® 2 was already in her hand at the time of the attack and she was able to save her friend.

I have at least another 15 reasons why you should purchase a self defense device, one you can use in all situations, one like the TigerLight D.A.D.® 2. You can certainly wait until you see more reasons, but for me, the greatest reason is that I don’t want to leave my family without their Dad, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle or friend and I don’t want any of them to unnecessarily leave me, not for a measly $130 that can greatly increase the likelyhood that an attack on me or them would not be successful. It just seems to be a smart thing to do, don’t you think. Maybe you should go to

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