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man holding non-lethal weapon

Let's be honest, I am 6ft tall and over 250 pounds, there are not a lot of situations where I have had to use a non-lethal weapon let alone a lethal weapon. However I have had guns, knives, bats, brass knuckles, ninja stars, pepper spray, tasers, my fists (considered a lethal weapon), and various TigerLights and more recently the Defense Alert Device (D.A.D.).I without a doubt, choose to use the D.A.D every time. Everyone wants and needs personal safety. Let me explain to you some of the reasons why I have used TigerLights for my personal safety for over 12 years. 


Lethal Guns Vs  Non-Lethal D.A.D

As you can see from the above GIF of me shooting a Tommy Gun, I am not opposed to lethal weapons. I have owned guns. I really enjoy shooting guns. I also, if forced, would use a gun for self protection. So why not choose a gun for personal safety? Well first, statistics do not back up the purported use of firearms as effective means of self protection. A survey done by the National Crime Victimization, reported by Harvard University's website quotes that there is "little evidence that gun use is effective"  while protecting your self or property. In addition to the effectiveness of using a firearm for self protection, the finality of using a lethal weapon on someone weighs heavily on my mind. I personally would much rather someone be in severe pain and agony then going to jail after using the D.A.D than having to put them in a grave. I am not arguing that some people  do not deserve to die for the crimes that they commit because I think in some instances they do. I also am very fond of living my life. Killing someone and potentially spending the rest of my life behind bars is not something I am willing to take a chance on. Especially considering the research done showing that TigerLights are the most effective means of stopping an attacker. While there are many reasons why I choose non-lethal over lethal, another major reason is the possibility of accidental firing. My brother in law is a firefighter and some of the accidental deaths due to a firearm stories he has told me, are absolutely tragic. I have an 11 year old son that I plan on going shooting with and teaching him everything I can about gun safety. However I would never leave a gun on my night stand yet right now I have a D.A.D. on my nightstand.

 Non-Lethal Weapons Practicality 

When you really stop and think about what the best personal protection device to use is, it is somewhat laughable how non-practical using a lethal weapon is in your every day life. I am an avid hiker. I go hiking probably 3 times per week. I take my D.A.D with me every time. 

non lethal weaponmoose in lake man holding a non lethal weapon

Living in Utah there is a real threat of wildlife attacks. Just this week in the foothills of Sandy, Utah there was a sighting of a cougar walking around in residential neighborhoods. The threat of wild animals and domestic animals is real. This morning I read an article where an individual was killed by a pack of dogs in Al. Last week a hiker in Utah had a mother cougar almost attack him for 6 minutes. I come across large deer, elk, and moose very frequently. I always have my D.A.D in my hand and ready to be sprayed if needed. Having the device in my hand and ready to deploy at any second makes a huge difference. Would it really be practical to have a large pistol in my hand? Who hikes holding a gun ready to fire at all times. It is not practical. Even if you are the fastest draw in the West, you would still have that split second reaction lag that the TigerLight does not have. Not too mention a mom or dad taking their children on a walk around town. Would they really have a gun in hand ready to shoot? The answer is no. Using a lethal weapon and having it ready is not practical. Having a non lethal weapon like the TigerLight D.A.D. is practical. It has a hand strap and also doubles as a flashlight and bluetooth tracking device. Not only is it something that you can take with you to the store but also I have taken my TigerLight across the world with me. Me and my wife and our good friend visited Europe and I had the TigerLight with me the whole time. Here is a photo of the D.A.D. at the famous Notre Dame. There is a story of a young girl traveling in Italy that was attacked. She used the D.A.D and was able to get away from the attacker and her family new within moments her exact location. 

non lethal weapon at notre dame  


Non-Lethal Stopping Power 

The argument above presenting the utility of non-lethal vs lethal talks about how ineffective using a firearm is for most situations. One of the biggest factors for me using the TigeLlight is that there is research backing up the effectiveness of stopping an attacker. There was a study done by the Los Angeles Police Department showing that the TigerLight has a 96% stopping rate. No other lethal or non-lethal weapon even compares to this. My layperson explanation for this is the hand strap, the discreetness of the device, the potency of the pepper spray including iocane powder, the flashlight, and one of the most important factors is that it has a GPS tracking device installed which shows your location if the spray is deployed. 

Staying safe is important to everyone. Your personal protection and safety is not something you should think twice about. If I could emphasize anything when it comes to the D.A.D. it would be that I felt such a sense of relief and peace knowing I had something that would protect my family, and myself while hiking, going to sleep and just everyday life.  Do yourself a favor and purchase a personal protection devices now. My name is Samuel Julkunen and I have been a long time supporter of TigerLight. If you want to check out some more of my writings check out my blog samueljulkunen.com

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