March 31, 2020 2 min read

Definitely dangerous to bad guys.

As has been mentioned, the laws regarding use vary around the world. As far as the risk, apart from legal considerations, it is extremely low, in my opinion, based on studies. In fact, I heard of a large study done in Canada in which pepper spray was determined to be the safest use of force for both civilians and police. That says a lot.

As mentioned, getting sprayed directly in the face, especially if you do not see it coming, as is the case with TigerLights like the D.A.D.® 2, the effect is particularly overwhelming, both mentally and physically.

However, although the most powerful sprays are used in TigerLights, the military conducted extensive human effects testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds to determine its safe use on humans.

Any government that restricts the use of pepper spray for self defense is, in my opinion, extremely short-sighted and misguided.

I was once speaking at a police conference in New York and was asked what I thought about pepper spray being restricted in potency New York and being required to be purchased from a licensed gun dealer to prevent violent criminals from getting their hands on it.

My response was that the state government should donate pepper spray to all known violent criminals so they would use it rather than guns, knives, clubs or fists. Also, a rapist is much less likely to rape someone he just pepper sprayed. In fact, one girl who was about to be gang raped, instead of spraying her attackers, sprays herself all over and they walked away.

However, the true potency of pepper sprays varies dramatically from what is on the label, as revealed in a study by the University of Utah. If you want the best, get a D.A.D.® by TigerLight at

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