March 24, 2020 4 min read

A new TigerLight® with a top secret formulation, a proprietary blend of Iocaine Powder and Fuzzy Mustard has rendered all other non-lethal weapons virtually obsolete.

Without the Fuzzy Mustard the Iocaine Powder would be lethal within seconds, but with Fuzzy Mustard, the effect is immediate incapacitation with effects lasting 30 - 40 minutes, but absolutely no lasting adverse effects.

In extensive tests by police and military personnel, the new prototypes enabled time-to-incapacitation results one half to one third the average times of other devices.  It also stopped mountain lions, pit bulls, bears and guys on crack, PCP and other drugs that typically render non-lethal devices ineffective.

The new device is designed to be in the "off-gun" hand all the time.  Officers are able to stop many incidents before they ever get out of hand, incidents they would not otherwise be able to stop.  A critical added benefit is that the officer can have his gun, light and his Iocaine Powder/Fuzzy Mustard all in hand at the same time and selectively apply lethal or non-lethal force as required.  It is anticipated that this will save many lives, both officers and the public.

The problem is that the TigerLight® actually dispenses accelerated, military strength pepper spray, not Iocaine Powder and Fuzzy Mustard, as exciting as that sounds and because pepper spray in a can, in a holder on the police duty belt, has been around for decades, people think they know what it can and what is cannot do. 

This, however, is a huge and costly oversight by some when it comes to considering the TigerLight® as a standard issue device for the police department or as the goto device for civilian personal protection

Failure to acknowledge its significant advantages (those mentioned above) has cost some departments millions of dollars in lawsuits and more in loss of life.  It is a tragedy!  

My strongly held belief and that of thousands of officers who would never use anything else, is that if people thought the chemical agent in the TigerLight® was something entirely new, mysterious and high tech sounding, rather than pepper spray, every department and every officer in the country would already be using it.  In fact, many of you are probably reading this only because you thought it was something new. Well, it is. It’s a new way of using pepper spray that results in far greater effectiveness, now combined in the D.A.D.® with cutting edge Bluetooth/GPS alert technology. 

It is time to acknowledge that the TigerLight® and the TigerLight® D.A.D.® is, by far, the most effective, practical and results generating device available, at any price.  It increases officer and civilian safety more than any other device, while enabling officers to more effectively perform the role the public expects them to perform.

Police departments have a fiduciary responsibility to provide the best in equipment and training to maximize safety to officers and the public.  In most cases, police officers are exceptional individuals.  They have been carefully selected after going through extensive and demanding physical and mental tests and evaluations to determine their capacity to be able to perform the duties required and expected of them.  It takes a very unique individual to be able to face the dangers and make the split second, sometimes life and death decisions that many officers have to make on a frequent basis. 

We expect them to adapt to and learn the best technology.  That is why they use Glocks, not six shooters.  That is why they use TigerLights to safely incapacitate rather than a flashlight to smack a subject in the head. 

The ability to remain calm and decisive under frequent and sometimes extreme stress, facing the possibility of being physically harmed or killed, is something most of us rarely, if ever, have to face.  Officers have to make very difficult decisions in a split second and the wrong decision could cost a life, either the officer's, or the civilian's.

An example of this was a guy in Los Angeles, holding a butcher knife and babbling incoherently, staggered toward officers, ignoring commands to drop the knife and get on the ground.  His wife, children and neighbors were watching.  

The officers had to make a decision.  If they waited too long, the Chief may have been knocking on the door of their home to let the wife and children know their husband and father would not be coming home.

On the other hand, the guy may have been mentally ill.  He may have been on some weird drug, even a prescription drug.  Or, he may be purely evil. He does not get to fill out a survey for the officers. 

Under normal circumstances, a rapidly developing situation like that would result in the death of the knife wielding individual.  However, with a TigerLight® the officers were able to have their lights in hand while also having their lethal weapons and non-lethal weapons all in hand, each one ready for split second use.

In this case, the TigerLight® was used to incapacitate the deranged subject without physical contact and while maintaining the ability to use lethal force in a fraction of a second, if it had been necessary.  But, it was not necessary because the officers had TigerLights in hand rather than flashlights.

Isn't it about time all officers have a TigerLight® in hand rather than a flashlight and the rest of us have a D.A.D.® with us?

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