April 09, 2022 2 min read

First, it depends on who “you” is? Are you young, old, strong, weak, fast, slow, large, small?

How much time and money are you willing to dedicate to your training?

The benefits of training in self defense can go beyond your ability to protect yourself against an attacker. Nevertheless, if your goal is to be able to defend yourself against attackers, you should absolutely consider the reality that your newfound skills may not be enough and a gun may not be right for the situation, may not be legal and may not be in your hand when attacked.

Therefore, what is the smart thing to do? I will answer that with an example. A couple girls were in Italy, working as au pairs (nannies).

One night, while returning from a sight seeing trip, they were violently attacked. They would have had no chance against their attacker and especially against the the other three waiting in the alley. They would have been at the mercy of those without mercy.

The difference was that one of the two girls had a stealth, super light weight, comfortable, easy to operate defense device strapped comfortably to her hand, already in the firing position. In a second, the attacker was completely and safely incapacitated and fell to the ground. It was over over and their friends and family were automatically alerted that they were in danger, even those 6,000 miles away were alerted as the attack was happening. The girls received 27 calls and text messages within two minutes of the attack. Their precise location was designated and visually displayed on the phones of the alert recipients.

These young women had a device capable of incapacitating huge, powerful individuals whose power and fight capabilities far exceeded theirs. I would certainly call this “practical’ self defense. Of course, as CEO of the company that makes the device, you might think my response is not valid, but that would be a mistake. You can do all the research you want. The more you do, the more you will understand why nothing else comes close to this device, not even those who might attempt to imitate it.

TigerLight’s have had many major studies performed by law enforcement agencies. The results simply blow away any other non-lethal device. That is the simple truth. So, if you want the best, just get a D.A.D.® 2. A good self defense class will definitely help and everyone should take those classes. We work closely with some of the very best there are. Check out our web site at tigerlight.net.

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