When we first launched the D.A.D.® (Defense Alert Device), I received a call from Gerald R. Molen, Academy Award winning producer of Schindler’s List and Co Producer of many Spielberg movies like Jurassic Park, Twister, Minority Report and others.
He told me he was making a film for an organization that was doing incredible things and told me about Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.  When he explained to me how they were going about rescuing sex-trafficked children from some of the most evil people on the planet, I was blown away, emotionally. I knew we needed to be involved somehow in helping that effort, so we began donating 10% of our sales of the D.A.D. to help fund rescue missions.
The fact that it only costs $1.000 - $2.000 to rescue a child from a horrific existence, being raped multiple times a day by beasts in human clothing, made me realize that we could expand the great work we are doing with the D.A.D. to those who did not have a way to protect themselves.
So, for those who come to this page and order the D.A.D.® 2 for $129.99 with the OUR Coupon code, we will increase our donation to O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) from $13 per unit to $70 per unit and will pay the shipping cost of $10 or more, for you.
You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from TigerLight and O.U.R., for your contribution and we will send the D.A.D. or D.A.D.s to you, a teacher or whomever you designate in the SHIP TO address.
Thank you for helping us protect and save the good from the evil.