Laurie Latham

Laurie Latham

Laurie Latham is the owner and lead instructor of AZ PlayItSafe Defense a self-defense company which teaches women and children realistic strategies to stay safe from potential danger. Laurie is a former police detective with over 20 combined years of experience in both law enforcement and the security field and is a nationally recognized security expert. She has trained thousands of police officers, women and children in self-defense and personal protection, and has specialized training in crimes against women and children. She has been asked to serve on the Arizona Governors Committee for Violence Against Women and volunteers at several domestic violence shelters empowering and educating survivors. 

She is a certified “Girls on Guard” instructor for the Women’s Self-Defense Institute and is a member of The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Laurie is passionate about educating young women about the role of alcohol and “date rape” drugs in sexual assaults. “Reduce the Odds” is a sexual assault program was designed to arm women with the knowledge, skills and tools to prevent them from being a crime statistic. The title of the program is a direct correlation to the U.S. Department of Justice statistic of “1 in 5 women will be the victim of a sexual assault during their lifetime.”

Laurie Latham's PlayItSafe is the title of the children’s program for boys and girls in grades K-12 and is a fun, interactive, age appropriate method that teaches children to respond appropriately to unique challenges they must face such as, dealing with bullies, conflict resolution, Internet safety, stranger awareness and abduction defense . PlayItSafe is based on simple but very effective step-by-step approach where students practice realistic and effective techniques against trained instructors in age appropriate reality-based scenarios. The PlayItSafe program has been featured on national television shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors, as well as local news stations across the country.

Laurie's aspiration is to empower women and children and by giving them the confidence they need to be powerful and self-reliant. She has conducted classes for the National Football League Cheerleaders, National Basketball Association Dancers, Arena Football Dancers, National Association of Realtors, colleges, high schools, corporations, domestic violence shelters, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, teen groups, and mother’s groups. She recently co-authored a book, Why Teens Fail: What to Fix , a comprehensive and insightful book on current teen issues to offer guidance and support for parents so they are better informed to protect their children. Laurie Latham is a licensed private investigator and is in her third season as a Security Representative for the National Football League. Laurie is the mother of three children and holds a Master of Education from Northern Arizona University. Reference letters available upon request.

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Laurie Latham
Owner and Lead Instructor, AZ PlayItSafe Defense, LLC