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Bluetooth/GPS “Crowd Alert™ • Military-strength, stealth Pepper Spray • Powerful LED Light. Read all 5 reasons to understand the D.A.D.’s capabilities.  
    • 1. Sends “I’m In Danger" alerts. For men and women, the D.A.D.® sends “I’m in Danger” alerts to a “Network of Heroes.” Bluetooth / GPS “Crowd Alert” technology provides an entirely new dimension to personal safety, enabling user to secretly send an “I’m in danger” alert with the touch of a button that is “positioned” under the thumb, with or without releasing the spray. The alert with your photo and GPS location is received via the D.A.D.™ mobile phone app by volunteers (Network of Heroes) who are in the best position to help and also those you designate in your app contacts, via the app, text and email. We are NOT advocating vigilanteism, but a Good Samaritan spirit, acknowledging that any person who responds to the distress call of another, may put themselves at risk. We also believe that leaving our safety to the police is not realistic. They cannot be everyone’s personal bodyguard. They will help if they can. As with anyone calling for our help, we have to make a choice. That choice may be to call the police. Or, it may be to try to help, hopefully with the help of many others.
    • 2. It is STEALTH. You are secretly and uniquely prepared. This D.A.D.® is purposefully built.  It is uniquely designed and engineered to be comfortably carried in your hand easily deployed under stress. It is not to be buried in a handbag or a deep or constricting pocket. In most all social situations, carrying something in your hand that looks like a weapon is detrimental, can cause others to become extremely uncomfortable and could lead to undesirable attention. The D.A.D.’s dual utility as a flashlight and its “non-weapon” appearance make it so you can carry it comfortably and discreetly most anywhere, and nobody cares. Every detail of the D.A.D.™ is designed with practicality, ease-of-use, long-duration carry and the psychological and physiological dynamics of a violent attack, in mind. 
    • 3. There when You Need it Most. Significantly more likely to remain in hand during a sudden, unexpected physical attack. This is critical. The comfortable hand strap provides a secure grip when walking, jogging, hiking, or most importantly, if physically attacked. We know based on careful study and observation, that in far too many cases, non-trained individuals instinctive reaction is to open the hands in an effort to grab or shove away the attacker. In order to address this core, reflexive protective reaction; the ergonomics of the device have been carefully tested and considered over time. The size (just longer than hand is wide) and the hand strap, combine to “force-index” the D.A.D.® in your hand. This eliminates “engulfing” and “mis-orientation” which would be highly likely to occur if the device were any smaller. The design minimizes unnecessary movements by eliminating the need to call upon fine motor skills that dissipate or disappear altogether under adrenaline based stress.
    • 4. Proven Superior Technology. The 96% documented stop rate of previous TigerLights (Series I and II), far exceeding the “stop rates” of any other non-lethal device, makes the D.A.D® up to twice as likely to stop a violent attacker, based on Police departments with below 50% effectiveness while TigerLights at that same department had zero failure rates. Why choose anything else? How does it do it? The most important contribution of the flashlight part of the device is not only to see in the dark or send up an SOS and it is NOT meant to stop the attacker, although it might momentarily distract, impair his sight and draw attention of others to him.  The key is that is disguises the D.A.D.®’s hidden capabilities, enabling the military strength, but safe, pepper spray to be deployed in a STEALTH manner. This is the key to its unequaled, non-lethal stopping power. Why? How? Because the attacker does not see it coming, he is unable to hold his breath in anticipation, thus greatly enhancing the respiratory distress. So even if he can withstand the pain, he cannot overcome the respiratory distress. Think of “choking out” rather than “punching out.” Oxygen deprivation is more effective than pain as a mean of incapacitating the attacker. This is why departments with 50% “stop rates” with police grade pepper spray, have 96% “stop rates” with previous TigerLights (Series II). The D.A.D. has a smaller canister, but nearly twice the potency (0.69% vs 1.33% major capsaicinoid) of the Series II used in the LASD Study. Knowing these facts, why even consider anything else? In summary, it is more apt to be in your hand, more apt to remain in your hand and more apt to stop the attacker.
    • 5. Peace-of-Mind. You will be able to walk, jog, hike, bike, walk to your car from the mall, from work and even to your mailbox with a confidence and peace-of-mind you would not have without it and this makes life more enjoyable.
    • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: D.A.D.™ Military Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray 10% OC, 2mm SHU, 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, 4.5 grams, stops 96% of attackers when used inside TigerLights as evidenced in the LASD Study using the Series II TigerLight. Six times more potent than 0.2% major capsaicinoid spray used by marines. Optimized, accelerated cone spray pattern and stealth delivery. 8 bursts at 6-8 feet (2-2.5M) away. Although the D.A.D.® uses a smaller canister than the Series II in the LASD Study, it is nearly twice the potency (0.69% Major Capsaicinoid vs. 1.33% in the D.A.D.) 
    • Discreet, sleek design fits in your purse, bag or pocket. Can be carried, unnoticed, almost anywhere. Length 5”, Thickness 1”, Width 1.75", Weight 4.4 ounces 
    • Water resistant
    • Multi-mode light switch including Panic Strobe, High, Low, Constant Strobe and SOS modes. CREE LED. 150 Lumens.
    • Water resistant.
    • Made of Polycarbonate, the same material used to make NFL football helmets and bullet proof windows, which means it is durable, yet lightweight (4.6 oz.).
    • Your D.A.D.™ order includes: AA battery, Inert Practice Spray, Live Sabre Red Pepper Spray, Hand Strap, separate Long-life Lithium Battery for Bluetooth (Tested up to over 6,000 activations) and a big dose of peace-of-mind, enhancing your life, every day.
    • FREE D.A.D.™ app for iPhone and Android.  Search “tigerlight” on iTunes and Google Play.
    • Note: Pepper spray cannot be shipped to Massachusetts or New York




Send Emergency Alerts • Share Location with GPS • Get Help Fast

The D.A.D.™ (Defense Alert Device) is the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology. Each device is equipped with Bluetooth to send an emergency alert via your cell phone. The alert sends your GPS location to anyone with the D.A.D.™ app within a one mile radius, and to those in your D.A.D.™ contact list, regardless of distance. The D.A.D.™ alert prompts the receiver to call 911, and provides directions to your location, should the receiver be able to provide immediate assistance in person. Anyone with a smart phone can download the D.A.D.™ app with Crowd Alert™ today for free, because when it comes to personal safety, we are all in this together. Download the app for free from the iTunes App Store for iPhones and Google Play App Store for Android phones. It is FREE whether you own a D.A.D.™ or not. Contact TigerLight at info@tigerlight.net for more information.

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