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The purpose of this page is for you to become educated with the most advanced non-lethal self-defense tool on the market today and then to take a short quiz and receive a $30 off discount. 



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Proven Superior Technology

  • 5 Mode Polycarbonate 150 lumen LED Light with AA Battery and Metalized Finish. Only 4.6 ounces.
  • Built-in Custom Bluetooth Module with Long-Life Lithium Battery.
  • Military Strength Pepper Spray with Stealth Delivery stops Even Drug-Impaired Attackers
  • Practice Spray Canister and Free Self-Defense Training Videos Online
  • Comfortable Hand Strap for “Fingers Free" Carry. Great For In-Hand Carry While Hiking, Jogging and Even Mountain Biking.
  • D.A.D. App Activated by Bluetooth Module Sends GPS Location Alert Via Text, Email And App To App Contacts Anywhere In The World And To Any app Users Within A One Mile Radius.

Explanation video:

2 American girls in Naples, Italy fight off attacker:

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