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Defense Alert Device



Reasons to Buy the D.A.D.®?

1) The D.A.D.® gets help faster than anything else can.

With a slight squeeze of the thumb, the D.A.D.® activates the app on your phone which sends out a secret call. With this Free  Bluetooth / GPS Crowd Alert app, help is always just a single click away.

    2) You are more likely to have a D.A.D.® in-hand.

    Compared to other self-defense products because of its dual purposes as flashlight + pepper spray (with the hand strap, you are less likely to be one of the 90% who drop their weapon or self-defense device during a physical attack).

      3) You must be able to stop even drug-impaired attackers with non-lethal force.

      Our concentrated, double-potency formula, unique spray pattern and stealth delivery results in a more potent incapacitating effect that stops 96% of attackers, including those that are drug impaired.

        4) Durability, and by far the most effective non-lethal technology.

        Made of Polycarbonate, the same material used to make NFL football helmets and bullet proof windows, which means it is durable, yet lightweight (4.6 oz.)

          5) And much more!


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