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I screamed, “No!” As a man high on meth, I assume, ran towards me up from the street and then towards me on the sidewalk, I screamed again, “No, Stay back!" I am not entirely sure what he was saying as he rushed towards me. The deranged look in his eyes and his erratic running, disarrayed body language, told my brain, danger alert, danger alert. I could feel my entire body tense up with adrenaline and my mind went into survival mode. I began planning my first and second move to bring this man to the ground.

masked man with knife

Studies done by the office of OJJDPshow that crimes start increasing at 6:00 am for adults and increase up until a peak at 8:00pm. 

Luckily, while I was screaming at this man, I was also holding up my Defense Alert Device, ready to blast him in the face with pepper spray.I think that either my aggressive yelling, me holding up a stealthy self defense weapon in his face, or just my body language, told this wrangled looking individual, to not attack me and to continue his drug fueled attack, elsewhere.

I regret that I was not taking my own self defense advice, I had both my headphones turned up all the way and barely saw him charging at me from the corner of my eye, at the last second. All I can tell you is that I am grateful I had the best self defense weapon I have ever owned, in my hand, armed, and ready to deploy in a fraction of a second. I need to explain to you why you need this self defense device and why it completely crushes the competition! 

Non lethal weapons in a row

The Defense Alert Device 

It was a sunny spring day in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. I was working for a large financial investment firm in the Gateway District of downtown Salt Lake. I usually took Uber to work in the morning and then walked home in the evening. I walked about 2.4 miles from my office to my apartment in the Avenues. I walked through the heart of downtown and passed through a fairly rough part of Salt Lake near the Rio Grande district, up through the financial district, through the temple square area and then into the avenues. I felt relatively safe doing this route and had done it 100s of times. Of all these neighborhoods Rio Grande seemed to feel the most unsafe.

However, when this would-be attacker charged at me, I was near the Governor's mansion on South Temple just to give you context of where I was located. This part of town is fairly docile in terms of crime. I mention this information to you because anyone can be attacked, literally anywhere and in broad daylight. I am not a frail nor weak individual. I am a stout 6ft, 280 pounds or more, depending on the time of the year.

large man with young man outside

Author of this blog post: Samuel Julkunen

I have tattoos and do not look like someone that any random person would choose to attack. My point is, attacks can happen to anyone, at any time of day. This particular, potential attack happened in broad daylight.

When this attack happened, I was jamming out to my music and walking up the street on a Friday afternoon when I noticed this crazy looking person just running towards me. He was screaming something and I thought for sure he was going to attack me. It happened literally in a split second. Thankfully, I was already holding the Defense Alert Devicein my hand. I turned towards him and held up the device towards his face and screamed at the top of my lungs “No! No, stay back! I also crouched down into an attack position, to say with my body posture, after I spray you in the eye balls with this pepper spray I am going to hit you and hurt you.

Gratefully, this was enough for the man to correct course and not clash with me. He was taken back by my assertive response and then kind of woke up out of his attack stupor and veered around me and began trudging up the sidewalk and into a yard to the north of me. Maybe he was just aggressively asking for money. I am still not sure.

Nevertheless, the rest of my walk I was trying to calm my nerves and the adrenaline surging through my body. I was also thinking about how thankful I was to be carrying this self defense weapon. I was thinking how much peace of mind it gave me and how countless times I had it with me and it was ready to save me. I want to mention that no device would have been of any worth in that situation if not already in my hand, ready to fire.

Thankfully. it has never turned into anything more! Walking throughout downtown Salt Lake I have seen some very bizarre events and every time I had the device in my hand ready to stop an attacker if needed. 



brass knuckles, knife, baton, gun, tear gas, baseball bat

"I have had baseball bats in my trunk. carried brass knuckles in my glove box. I have owned a shotgun for home defense, I have studied self defense and taken self defense classes. I have never ever had any weapon that I carry everyday like I do with TigerLights self defense device."

I have had baseball bats in my trunk. carried brass knuckles in my glove box. I have owned a shotgun for home defense. I have studied self-defense and taken self-defense classes. I have never ever had any weapon that I carry everyday like I do with TigerLight's self defense device. I would never want to pull the trigger if someone wanted to break into my house. But I would feel happy and glad to pepper spray someone and take care of business afterwards. All of these weapons, guns, tasers, tear gas, brass knuckles, batons and bats and knives, do not even compare to the stopping power of the D.A.D. 

The Top 5 reasons the D.A.D. is the Best Self Defense Weapon to Carry Every Day 

  1.  I know I am not going to kill someone if I deploy this self defense weapon. I have superior stopping power over any other self defense weapon on the market without the heavy weight of ending someone's life.
  2. The second reason is that I have the device in my hand, ready to use. There is a safety hand strap so that if you do get attacked you do not drop your device. Most times you drop the weapon you are holding in an attack situation. The light itself kind of looks like a flashlight or something but it also looks high tech, maybe like a phone. This lends to the stealthiness of the device and the element of surprise. Because of this I feel comfortable and not nervous carrying it with me, everywhere. I have brought it into NBA games, pro soccer games, across the world in my luggage. Most times security has just asked what is that and I say it's a flashlight although I know Tigerlight does not advocate breaking the law, so put it in checked luggage. Having the device in my hand with me is so crucial as in the short story I told above. I had the light ready to go in an instant. It was like a natural reaction. Instantly, I had it up and ready to fire away.
  3. The third reason is the potency and harshness of the pepper spray. It is such intense spray that if someone does get it sprayed in their face, I know they are going to be in a world of pain. I have had two accidental sprays. One time at work when a co-worker said, "pepper spray, yeah right." He then proceeded to spray the pepper spray out of the device into our shop area of the building. We had to evacuate the entire building for about 2 hours.  The second time was in my home when my sons friend sprayed it in our living room. Both could have been deadly situations if it were a lethal weapon. Even thought it was extreme and we had to leave the building for a couple hours each time, at least no one died or was seriously injured. The intense burn and coughing I experienced from a small amount being sprayed was insane! 
  4. The fourth is the GPS tracking device built in to the device. If you spray the pepper spray it sends an alert with your GPS location, to your friends and family that you are in danger and that you need help. Even more impressive it that it sends a proprietary “crowd alert” to anyone who has the app within a one mile radius. These might be people who could actually help stop the attack. 
  5. The fifth and final reason is the price. For $129.99 you can arm yourself with the greatest peace-of-mind you will ever purchase, I promise.  You could spend hundred or thousands of dollars buying a firearm but if you are reading this, please comment below on how you are going to carry your gun with you everyday during all activities. Are you going to be holding a gun in your hand walking through the downtown area of your city? Do you think you could carry a hand gun into a sporting event and have it in your hand when you are walking to your car? The answer is, no. Sure, there are situations for which a gun is the best option, but those situations might represent 1 percent of all the situations in which people need and can use a force multiplier like the D.A.D.

These are some of the reasons why this is, by far, the world's best self defense weapon to carry and not only carry, but carry every day in almost every situation. Always be ready and vigilant and protect yourself. If you think this is something you or someone you know needs, please do not hesitate to take action and purchase one of these devices. You will be very happy you did.


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