October 02, 2020 3 min read

Why Don’t Smart People Play Russian Roulette?

Why You Need a Personal Safety GPS Tracking Device (Part 2)

Today I receive an email from a good father, doing what he can to keep his daughter safe.

Here’s the email:

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out to me.  I really appreciate it.   It took a little convincing for my daughter to feel the protection was necessary, however, after a run in with a scary and threatening homeless person this week, she is very ready to receive it and have it with her at the ready!

Have a great weekend.

Take care,

Name withheld by TigerLight

My response:

Unfortunately, for many, it takes an “event” to help them understand the risk they are at and the value of the D.A.D.® 2. 

I’m just really glad that she wasn’t one of so many that experience a much worse “event” in order to understand that EVERYONE needs the ability to stop a predator.

If she makes a habit of having it in her hand when there is potential for an attack, two important things will take place. 

One, she will simply be more situationally aware, which, in and of itself, makes her less likely to be attacked and two, that awareness will help her realize how much better her life is with the peace-of-mind that knowing she has the ability to stop an attacker and to get help with GPS Tracking Alerts, will give her.

I ride a mountain bike up in the hills behind us, nearly every day. I can ride with my D.A.D. on my hand or without it on my hand. We know there are large cougars in the area. In the case of a cougar, I can hope we don’t cross paths, knowing that if we do, I might not survive the encounter.


I can chose to ride with that fear the whole time, or I can ride with the D.A.D.® 2 on my hand, knowing I have a MUCH better chance, not a guarantee, but a MUCH better chance of surviving should that encounter occur. 

In the latter case, my fear and anxiety are at a MUCH lower level, making the ride much more enjoyable. In fact, I know I take the ride far more often, simply because of that peace-of-mind the D.A.D. gives me.

The same can be said of many other day-to-day situations your daughter or anyone else, finds themselves in. Why play Russian roulette with your personal safety? That’s what I feel people do when they have no viable self defense against a more powerful predator, whether human or animal.

Yesterday, I took a daughter to the hospital for a Mammogram.  We got there a little early and the doors to that part of the hospital were closed for another 30 minutes while they were at lunch. Outside, across the parking lot, there is a large creek or small river, with a nice path running along side it. 

I had to leave and she said she would just go walk the path for a while. Unfortunately, I know of many attacks that have occurred on similar paths, with terrible outcomes. I said, “Do you have your D.A.D.?”  She said, “Yes, right here.” She pulled it out of her purse, because it won’t do any good in her purse. The dramatically lowered my concern for her safety and made her walk more enjoyable.

Some will say, “Just get a gun.” However, while a gun may be the best response in about 1 out of 101 use-of-force situations, I could not carry it in my hand, ready to fire, while mountain biking. Sure, I could still have it in a holster on a belt, but considering the speed with which such attacks take place, it is highly unlikely that I would be able to respond quickly enough. I simply feel my chances would be much better with a D.A.D.

I’m not saying one should not carry a gun, but I am saying that if you rely solely on a gun, your personal safety is extremely limited compared to also having an incredibly effective non-lethal device that you can take nearly anywhere, with it on your hand, ready to fire in a split second and nobody is bothered by it or even aware what it is.

Personal safety experts everywhere recommend getting a D.A.D.® 2 BEFORE an “event” occurs.

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