December 05, 2020 4 min read

Let’s be real about why you should purchase a D.A.D.® 2. It’s not just about runner safety, biking safety or hiking safety. Then you think, “I’m not a biker, hiker or runner, so I’m safe.” No, you are not. Maybe you think, “We have guns.” You are still not safe. Too many situations won’t or can’t involve a firearm. It’s about personal safety for you and for your family, even in totally unexpected circumstances. 

Below we summarize four horrible, disturbing attacks that were completely unanticipated. In fact, they are almost unbelievable because of where and when they happened. Many times we are in situations where we are worried. We get stuck having to walk in a place and at a time that we know is risky. Maybe we had to work late, or the car broke down, or we took a wrong turn walking from a conference back to the hotel. Maybe we are running on a trail that is usually busy, but this time it isn’t safe. Perhaps it’s getting dark sooner than we anticipated and we know it’s hunting time for certain animals. However, other times, being attacked is the farthest thing from our minds. The attacks below and thousands of others like them are why we need something that will be in our hand, usable and effective, even when the risk is seemingly low.

If you do not want to read shocking, depressing accounts of real events, then please do not read the next four paragraphs, but please give thought to the reality that you and those you love are more likely than not to be attacked at some point. Consider the fact that the D.A.D.® 2 provides the best personal protection of any device at any price because it is versatile, non-lethal, easy to use and incredibly effective, far exceeding any other non-lethal device. 

Attack #1.

My wife’s sister in law walked out to her mail box for at least the 5,000th time, but this time the neighbors, whose dogs had never bothered her before, had some friends over with their dogs. Uncharacteristically, all five dogs viciously attacked her, knocked her to the ground and were killing her. Her husband worked a night shift and was sleeping. He woke to the screaming and saved her, but she was horribly injured. That was years ago. She now always has a D.A.D. with her. Nobody ever thought that would happen, until it did.

Attack #2

A 45-year-old lady was woman raped in downtown parking lot in broad daylight. She also had a gun on her and was trained in its use. A guy hiding under a car, tripped her, climbed out from under the car, put a knife to her throat before she realized what was happening. He raped her right there on the asphalt between two cars. If you stood at that same location, you could probably see a hundred people walking by and they could see you. He got away, Nobody would ever imagine that could happen, until it did.

Attack #3

A 10-year-old girl is raped in a Cinemark movie theater at the Palmdale mall, the rapist took a 10-year-old girl from the hallway, covered her mouth and drug her into an empty theater that had just let out. The girl saw the cleaning crew leaving out the other door as she was being taken in. Nobody thought something like that could ever happen. But it did, again, in another Cinemark movie theater in another state, within two weeks of this occurrence. The victim was 15 years old and her attacker got away.

Attack #4

A college age girl was running down the Provo River trail. Someone running the other way suddenly swerved toward her, knocking her down the embankment next to the river, beating, cutting and raping her. Hundreds of people run that paved running trail. It’s highly unlikely that someone would not come by and see them. A lot of people are running on it, all the time, but it keeps happening. 

I truly hate talking about these events. Advertising people always think we need to talk more about it so people will realize it could happen to them and do something about it, like purchasing a D.A.D.

It is true that every time something terrible like this is on the news, our sales in the area usually increase for a weak or two by 3-4 times. Does that mean they are right. Do we have to depend on people hearing about something horrible happening to make them think about it not letting it happen to them.  

We could post several stories like these and worse, that occur every day but you would never want to hear from us again. So, unless the news release is specifically talking about the D.A.D. because it saved someone, or they are talking with experts in self defense who are recommending the D.A.D., we rarely talk about these things. 


The truth is that the D.A.D.® 2would have likely stopped any of these events from happening and millions more like them, to the point the attempts would likely decline, dramatically.

Just go to this link and purchase all you need. If you need a lot of them, you can even purchase them on a no interest payment plan. You can also get a multi-unit discount and use the GIVETHANKS20 discount code for 20% off and free shipping.

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