July 09, 2022 2 min read

It’s late at night on the streets of a large Northwest city. My brother, Officer Randy Teig, approaches the vehicle cautiously on what he believes will be a warrant arrest. His partner, officer Braskett, approaches unnoticed on the passenger side.  Inside the vehicle two men argue. The passenger has a .40 caliber gun and informs the driver that he intends to kill the approaching officer. He’s not about to go back to prison. Stupid? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. Evil? Yes. He reaches for the gun on the floorboard. The driver decides he wants nothing to do with another stupid decision. 

Officer Braskett peers through thepassenger window and sees the gun. Teig hears Braskett shout, “Gun!” just as the driver’s door kicks open. Braskett runs for cover behind the vehicle while drawing his gun. Teig simultaneously tips his flashlight down and unleashes a potent blast of pepper spray from the flashlight, also known as a TigertLight®, The Light With A Bite®, on the driver as he simultaneously draws his gun while running toward the back of the car. He realizes he cannot run fast enough to beat the bullet and his life is dependent on the effect of the TigerLight® on the subject. 

At the same time the gunman’s head rises above the roof of the car on the passenger side, .40 cal. in hand. A second burst from Teig’s flashlight blasts over the top of the car engulfing the gunman’s head, creating instantaneous pain, restricting his breathing to survival mode and closing his eyes. His gun drops to the ground as he goes to his knees…It’s over.

…I get a phone call.  It’s a lieutenant with the Marines at Quantico Marine base.  The Lieutenant invites me to give a one hour demonstration of the capabilities of the TigerLight® Non-Lethal Defense System to the Joint Non-Lethal Weapon’s Directorate at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. 

The Directorate consists of high-ranking officials from all branches of the military there to discuss the latest in non-lethal weapon technology. Only three manufacturers are invited. I recognized the name of one of the other presenters, a former NAVY Seal. His brother was murdered by terrorists in a 1982 high-jacking of a TWA jet and thrown from the plane onto the tarmac. The horrific scene is still vivid in my mind. A Navy destroyer, the Stethem, was named after him, in his honor… 

…Another call comes in from a Major, the Battalion Executive officer for a branch of the ARMY National Guard Special Forces. He saw a demonstration of the new TigerLight® equipped with Gun mounts, rail holsters and infrared lenses. He has a unit preparing to go to IRAQ. He wants the units ASAP. They are not in production yet. We don’t really have the money to put them into production. We’re in a tough spot…

After many hours of phone conversations, negotiating, motivating, convincing and selling the future, we have the production of gun mounts, rail holsters and a new breed of infrared lenses under way.


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