November 12, 2020 5 min read

A Thousand Times Better That Any Other Personal Protection Device: Reason #4

The average person has between a 70% - 80% chance of being assaulted.

In Reason #1 we talked about the critically important win vs. lose consequence associated with your personal protection device being in your hand prior to the attack and why the D.A.D.® 2 is 10,000 times more likely to be in your hand.

In Reason #2 we talked about the importance of it remaining in your hand and being useable during a sudden violent attack and why the D.A.D.® 2 is ten times more likely to remain in your hand and be useable during a sudden, unexpected physical attack.

In reason #3 we discussed the how the TigerLight technology has proven to have at least a 96% plus stop rate, equaled only by a firearm and nearly doubling the effectiveness of any other non-lethal or less lethal device. 

We knew we already had the best personal protection device on the planet before reason #4 became a part of the equation, but we wanted to take it to a new level by adding Bluetooth/GPS location alert technology. However, we did not want just any alert technology, but the very best. 

In adhering to TigerLight’s philosophy of exceeding the expectations and imagination of others, we turned to those who had come most highly recommended when we were working with the state of Utah to secure a grant under the Soldier Enhancement Program to develop next level clothing and equipment for the soldier.

We wanted it to be more dependable, more accurate, more powerful and more redundant. Not only that, we wanted it to take into full account, the realities of attack dynamics and the widely varying scenarios one might encounter. So, we made it more accurate. We made it able to generate alerts when others could not. We made it able to be operated with a simple squeeze of the thumb while also operating the light and spray without having to reposition the thumb. 

Each of these capabilities are potential life saving and differentiate the D.A.D. from all other alert devices. We made it redundant, sending alerts to email, text and the app with varying maps to get the best look possible at the location and location coordinates.

Each of these proprietary capabilities are extremely important, but a huge differentiator that truly puts our alert system in a class by itself is Crowd Alert™ wherein the app will not only send Danger Alerts to your selected app contacts anywhere in the world with phone service, and send it in real time, it will also send a Crowd Alert™ to anyone within a one mile radius who has the app and the Crowd Alert™ selected. This is like being able to scream for help and be heard by those who may not hear to, but are seconds away.

Imagine a college campus that is having an average of a rape a day, reported, with many more that are not reported. This of how often those rapes, and sometimes even worse, takes place and there are hundreds, even thousands, some within 50 feet, hundred, even thousands within a few hundred yards, but they are not aware of what it happening just outside the building, or in a stairwell, or dorm room, or parking lot or wooded area. They could easily stop the attack, but they are unaware it is taking place and the persona being attacked has no way to escape, overpower or incapacitate the attacker. This is a DAILY tragedy that could be prevented if everyone had a D.A.D.® and or a D.A.D® app.

Lighting doesn’t stop these attackers. Outdoor phones do not stop them. A couple more security guards do not stop them. These responses to the problem can help, to a degree, but pale in comparison to the difference a campus with D.A.D.’s and D.A.D. apps would make.

Once the first couple attacks were thwarted by the D.A.D.® and/or the D.A.D.® app,, it would become the most powerful deterrent possible because it would become known by would-be rapists that a successful rape would be nearly impossible and the chances of you being caught and convicted of the attempt would by highly probable.   

Today I was up in the snow in the nearly mountains on a mountain bike. We have seen cougars in the area, frequently. They have killed some of the livestock and have wandered right into our neighborhoods. I have friends who were attacked and survived with serious injuries and others with TigerLights, who were attacked and stopped the attack, suffering no injury. 

Here I am today, up on the trail in this short video. I did a test alert and it worked perfectly. I’ve included screen shots of the alert in the app and the alert to text and to email. A TEST alert doesn’t alert anyone. It just sends the signals out and back to the sender only, to let you know it’s working in that area.

I am up in the snow on a Fat Tire mountain bike. I saw some particularly large cat tracks that were likely a mountain lion’s tracks. It literally sent chills through me, but having my D.A.D. significantly reduced my concern, although I was still very observant of my surroundings. Being able to have gloves on, riding a mountain bike and still have a D.A.D. ready to fire in a split second, makes for a MUCH more enjoyable mountain bike ride.

The alert can easily be sent with or without spraying the pepper spray because there are many possible situations in which you might need help, but are not under attack.

D.A.D. communicates BLE via Laird's BL600 module which uses Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51822 chipset that provides ultra-low power consumption with outstanding wireless range at 4dBm of transmit power. Laird’s BL600 module is fully certified by the FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (Europe) and MIC (Japan) for use in these countries and regions.

Customers have also found them operational in other countries, in addition to the ones listed above. In fact, this customer tells about a violent attack in Italy and how the D.A.D.® 2 saved her and her friend.

No other device offered this type of protection. It’s important to understand that combining a light, spray and alert does not give you a D.A.D.® or its capabilities. It is not the pepper spray that is most important. Although we use the best currently on the market, it it were half as potent, it would still be far more effective than other sprays or devices.

It is not just the alert, it is how it is activated, who it alerts, the channels through which it alerts, where it alerts and the fact that is it in your hand, to alert.

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