May 05, 2021 2 min read

However, when it comes to policing or self defense, guns are not the “answer all” for every situation and only should be used when legal, justified and necessary to save yourself or someone else, whether you are a civilian or a police officer.

The big problem in any situation is when lethal force is the only choice, or in some cases, when non-lethal force is the only choice. Unfortunately, that is the dilemma police officers face every day, thousands of times a day, across the country.

Neither Tasers nor pepper spray in a can will solve that problem. The tool most often in an officer’s hand is a flashlight. An officer will never be trained to have a Taser in one hand and a gun in the other, so he has to chose and may not have a second chance to choose. Vary rarely would he even have a normal pepper spray in one hand and a gun in the other. The answer, without question and proved beyond any doubt in major studies, on the streets with real people and real situations, is a TigerLight. This solution has pepper spray in the flashlight. This enables the officer to have light, non-lethal force and lethal force in hand at the same time, with the ability to instantaneously transition from one to the other without having to holster or draw. He or she ALWAYS has a stealth, instant, non-lethal force option that will stop most incidents from ever escalating and without causing injury.

If every officer had a TigerLight, I guarantee you that we would see the most significant drop in the use of force and in officer and civilian deaths ever recorded and it would be by a giant margin over anything else. This is not a sales pitch. Like I said before, we already have rock solid proof of what I am saying. Simply look at theLASD Study here or go to ourwebsite.

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